Monday, January 28, 2013

Rainbow Honey: The Sweet Talk Collection

I was super excited to receive my very first order today of the Rainbow Honey Valentine's Day collection polishes. A friend invited me to the sale and I was able to score $10 off so a huge thanks to Polish Monster for that! :)

Of course I couldn't wait more than an hour before putting at least one of these pretties on my nubbin nails, so here is be mine with an accent of xoxo. Completely cute for a V-Day manicure. If you are into that, or just for a pink day. Side note, pink is not something I typically wear on my nails and I was surprised at how much I really like this pink! It has a nice subtly shimmer that makes it more fun than just a bubblegum color. Anyway, on to the swatch!
Ignore that tiny speck on my pinky finger - I started to add the glitter to all my nails and then changed my mind. I wasn't quick enough though and I left a tiny piece on that finger. That is my indecisiveness for you!
Here is a close up of my accent finger so that you can see the different sizes of glitters a bit better.

Do you have any Rainbow Honey's in your stash? If you love The Sweet Talk Collection it is available here starting today.

Disclaimer: Since we are just getting started we are learning about lighting and such. Please bear with us as we get better at these things. Thanks! 
Also, these polishes were purchased by me and I am in no way affiliated with rainbow honey. I just own a few of her polishes and think they are beautiful.


  1. No, I don't own any Rainbow Honeys but I always love the swatches:)