Friday, March 1, 2013

What We February

We thought it appropriate that for the month of love we should share what we loved.  We plan to continue this if you decide you would like to see end of the month product posts.  Please let us know what you think!

Jackie's favorites:

In early February I found myself reaching for bright blue shades of polish - CG's Man Hunt being the main one. I love this color. It looks great under many of the glitters I own and it is also a nice cheerful color on it's own.

I've also been obsessed with Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk collection this month. Appropriate, no? With it's creamy white and glitter polish, Sweet Talk was the perfect polish for my Cupcake Nails (posted on our Facebook page) while the shimmery Be Mine and blingy XOXO were perfect paired together for a sweet V-Day mani.

It is winter (stating the obvious!) and I've been trying to find the perfect hand cream. I've tried several this month, but the standout products are Neutrogena's Hand Cream and the Josie Maran Argan Balm. I've been putting the balm on my dry and rough spots before bed, including my cuticles, and then adding the Neutrogena on top to kind of seal it all in. It seems to be working so far! I also want to give a shout out to 365 Days of Color because I've been using the hand cream I received in my Valentine's bag off and on as well. While I am in love with the rich formula, the scent I received is not really my thing (I'm REALLY picky because most things give me a headache and/or can lean to a migraine). I will definitely be ordering some in the future though! Note: I ordered a sampler of her balms as well, but have only been using them for a few days. The scents I chose are so yummy that I just know I need them in some hand cream!

Hayley's favorites:

The one polish, of all those I tried, that I found myself looking at again and again was this Love, Charlotte one I posted about at the beginning of the month.  I loved how the color popped when I was wearing a white or cream sweater.

Of course, I grabbed a second one to share the love! :)

With winter (hopefully) winding down, my hands need serious moisture.  I love this cream from J.R. Watkins.  It is absolutely the perfect lemon cream scent!  It's indescribable; not too sweet and not too citrusy...just perfect!  I found this at Ross for just $3.99 but I've seen it at other random stores for around $8.

This next one is a late decision.  I was all set to mention OPI's Pirouette My Whistle (I know I'm late to the party) and how I wanted to use it over everything. 
BUT...on Monday I received the mini bottle of Pastoral I ordered from Cagedbird Nail Lacquer and I died when I saw it in person.  Just look at this polish!!  Matte seafoamy mint, white and lavender w/ pastel green and silver.  This could have just been named 'Hayley'.  Instantly my favorite!  I will be wearing this all Spring I can tell.  You can purchase this polish from her Etsy store.

Lastly, I just adore these little cupcake key caps I received around my birthday.  How can you not smile when you see these on your keys?! 

They were purchased at Forever 21 and I believe you can find them on Amazon as well.

What were your favorite finds in February? 


  1. Great post, ladies! In February I was loving... Layla Ceramic Effects' The Butterfly Effect, gold accessories, cobalt blue eyeliner, and Essie's Mint Candy Apple. I totally have the sugar skull version of those key covers... love them!

    1. I love Mint Candy Apple. I've never tried Layla, but I had to look that one up. Gorgeous!

    2. Thanks Elena! I love Mint Candy Apple too!

  2. love the polishes - so pretty. the key covers are so fun too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We always need something little that makes us smile. :)

  3. Those key things are possibly the cutest things I've ever seen! And now you have me googling Love, looks like a Deborah Lippman dupe?! LOVE x

    1. I think it's pretty close! You can check out my swatches of it here:
      I don't own the DL so I couldn't do a comparison. :(

      Thanks so much for stopping by!