Friday, May 3, 2013

A Quick NOTD Post: A Friday Favorite

It's been awhile since an actual I wanted to share a quick nail of the day with you.  Unfortunately, we are in the middle of our dry season here in Arizona and it's very likely we may not get any rain until July.  This has been wreaking havoc on my hands and cuticles, so I apologize in advance but I wanted to share another color with you!

This is Dusty Blue by Love & Beauty from Forever 21.  It definitely has a slight dusty quality to it, but is more purple leaning that blue for sure.  It's softer looking indoors and that's where I can see more dustiness to the color.  It was one of my very first polishes and I still reach for it time and time again. 
There is a good chance that Forever 21 has a 'Dusty Blue' polish in their stores or on their website...they tend to recycle names though.  So, if they have one it could be the same, but it may be different...just fair warning!

This was 2 easy coats and the dry time on it is impressive!  I added an accent nail of L'Oreal The Bigger The Better (just one gentle coat) and a topcoat.  I love this polish because the glitter is so small but still a fun combination of black and silver glitter. 

I feel like Dusty Blue is similar to some other polishes that have come out recently; Sinful Colors and OPI had shades that come to mind.  But they are more saturated colors in my opinion.  This polish is a dustier purple indoors and looks slightly lighter than the others. 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great Friday!


  1. Great color! Its so pretty and I love the accent glitter too :)

  2. Such a gorgeous colour on you!