Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lynnderella Candy Blossom

I apologize in advance for this post being a bit pic heavy. I just couldn't help it! I had the perfect day for pictures and my flowering cherry and lilacs were blooming. Too perfect not to keep snapping!

Let me introduce you to Candy Blossom.

 Candy Blossom contains neon pink, satin pink, white and even yellow (see macro shot below) glitters suspended in a clear pink-shimmered base.

 I love this polish. I never thought I'd wear neon pink anything, but now I am smitten with its cheery disposition.

Macro shot of the glittery goodness

All pictures show 2 coats of Lynnderella Candy Blossom over 2 coats of China Glaze Dandy-lyin' Around (the flower names just screamed that they needed to go together!) I did do some digging for the larger glitters for my second coat of Candy Blossom, though it was personal preference to get some of those larger glitters on each nail. I think the shimmer would show up better over a cream base, but I loved this look! I can't wait to wear Candy Blossom over some pinks and maybe even a black, just to see how it changes the color.

Candy Blossom is from Lynnderella's Everything's Coming Up Neon Collection and can be purchased here or if you are international here at Norway Nails.


  1. Pretty polish! Its so girly :)

  2. Lovely polish! And I don't blame you for taking lots of pics...what a beautiful backdrop! :)

  3. Love this photo shoot! And I love Lynnderella polishes!