Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pretty In Beach Peach: Sally Hansen Floaties

This is a little gem from the limited edition summer Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear collection, Electric Summer.  In Canada the collection is called Sea Bloom and based on the pastel-like shades and adorable beachy names, I think Sea Bloom is a better name.  There are 8 colors total in the collection; I scooped up 3 and am seriously considering tracking down a few more before they're gone!

Today I have Floaties to show you; a light peach cream polish: 

The formula on Floaties was nice, thicker than some of the polishes I've used lately.  This was 2 coats of Floaties and a topcoat.  For the accent I used Essie's Beyond Cozy, which I love, love, love!  Beyond Cozy is a pale, antiqued looking gold micro-glitter.  It is awesome because it's not quite silver and it's not quite gold...and it goes with everything!  Additionally, Beyond Cozy is almost a one coater, but I used two to be sure I had full coverage.  Definitely one of my favorite polishes to date. It has an 'oxidized' quality that will be perfect for fall.

I know I talked up Beyond Cozy a little more than Floaties.  So, if I haven't convinced you enough that you should find this Sally Hansen Electric Summer collection...I'll be posting the other shades I picked up in the near future! 
Also, Kelp Yourself (I bought it for the name!) from the same collection is a near, if not perfect, match for Sally Hansen's Green Tea.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you liked!

~ Hayley

Monday, July 21, 2014

NOTD DIFFERENT dimensions Dueling Unicorns

Here's a quick Nail of the Day post! I know, I know. We haven't posted in a while, right? But if you are still out there, I've got a beautiful holo to show you today! I hope that makes up for the lack of posts. And Hayley and I both want to get back to blogging, so we promise to try harder this time. 

Without further ado, I give you DIFFERENT dimension "Dueling Unicorns":

The polish maker describes this shade as a gorgeous violet linear holographic polish. She isn't lying folks! All photos are 3 thin coats of Dueling Unicorns alone, no undies and no topcoat.

This first shot was taken outside. Alas, it is a cloudy day here, so the rainbows were hiding from me. So I was forced to use flash, but prepare to be amazed!

Do you love it?  Look at the rainbows!
And last here is a slightly blurred-on-purpose shot to show those rainbows up close. I have to say that I love this polish and here is why. I love this shade of purple and I think it is bright enough to be a fun summer polish but also dark enough to look good on my short (ok fine, VERY short) nails. I'm having some issues with peeling, especially on my pointers. I've been very strict with myslef for the last 2 weeks about moisturizing and also I started taking a biotin supplement, so we shall see if it makes a difference. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind seeing some shorties.

DIFFERENT dimension can be found on etsy and I believe that llarowe is also carrying the brand as well. For more information on this polish, be sure to follow on Facebook!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Coral Crush: Orly Cheeky

Hi again! It's been way too long!  Life has gotten in the way for both me and Jackie, but I'm so excited to be writing again.  I just got around to wearing this shade for the first time and it's so pretty and perfect for summer that I had to share.  Meet Cheeky by Orly:

Reminds me of the sunsets in Arizona!
This was a beautiful peach/ coral polish that leans slightly pink, from their Blush collection that came out Spring 2014.  My bet is that you can still order it online or might come across it in the Ulta clearance sale.  I purchased mine at one of Sally's clearance tables. It is just beautiful and the gold shimmer that is not too perceptible on camera is definitely more visible in person.  Vampy Varnish did a much better job at photographing the shimmer in Cheeky than I did, but I love this polish so much I had to take some pictures of my own and share.  I love that in certain lighting it leans more pink than coral (not pictured here).  I tried to capture that but my camera would not have it.  All I'm trying to say is that you need this polish!  It was pretty enough to make me blog again after a year hiatus...so there's that. :) 

Shimmer! Coral + gold = swoon!
I used 3 coats in these pictures; the formula was sheer and very easy to work with.

Thanks so much for reading, if anyone is still out there!  I promise to be posting more often as well as some NOTDs on my Instagram and our Facebook page. 
I have been obsessed with coral lately, so if you have some must-have coral polishes please let me know what they are! :)

~ Hayley

P.S. you can still purchase Cheeky on Orly's website.