Tuesday, August 12, 2014

China Glaze Choo-Choo-Choose You

We have seen so many swatches of Fall colors and collections coming out and we both ran out to snatch up some of these beauties. One of them that Hayley and I both chose was from Chine Glaze's All Aboard collection and is called Choo-Choo-Choose You. It is clear from looking at the bottle that this polish is different.

To me it looks like a dusty purple leaning gray polish with a greenish shimmer to it, but on my nails I felt like the shimmer was more coppery or rose gold than green. It is one of those shades that changes depending on the light source and angle from which you are looking.

 When I stepped outside, I knew that this color was reminding me of! We have a Japanese maple tree that changes from green to a dark burgundy in the fall. What better prop for a fall shade that is also sort of a chameleon, right? Above photo was in the shade of the tree.

In direct sun, the shimmer is very apparent.

Another one in the shade, a bit closer. You can see the deep purple here as well as the coppery shimmer on my ring finger. 

Application for this polish was good. I didn't have any issues with it being too think of thin to manage. I used 3 thinner coats in these pictures plus I used Above the Curve's 5-Free top coat. 

Side note: I apologize for my cleanup being a little less than clean. This was my second mani attempt and the polish I used before this really ticked me off and thus I lost my patience! I'm going to do a post on that polish as well, but I'd like to give it a second chance.

I'm love seeing all these fall shades come out, but that won't stop me from posting a few more bright holos this summer. And fall. And winter too. Who am I kidding!?

Do you have "seasonal colors" in your polish collection? Or do you wear what you feel like? Leave a comment below and tell us! 


  1. So pretty! I usually wear whatever tickles my fancy but there are some colors that I like using during certain times of the year. I love jewel tone colors but I wear it more often during Christmas.

    1. Thanks! I definitely notice myself wearing certain colors more during the holidays too. :)