Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Endless Summer - Cult Nails Intriguing

This week I've been attempting to relax and extend my summer a bit at the beach. I've had a few polishes in my untried pile that I decided to bring along. I'm all for Fall, but in truth I'm sad to see Summer go. I love the feeling of freedom that it brings and also the beautiful bright colors. Up first for the week is Cult Nails Intriguing. Though this shade isn't too bright I think it is perfect for the beach and also as a transition color.
Direct Sunlight
Intriguing is a soft scattered holo that is a bit on the sheer side. I used three coats for these pictures and topped it with Above the Curve's 5-free Quick-Dry Topcoat. I'd say this shade is a dusty blue leaning periwinkle.
Close-up, Direct Sun
Direct Sun
Macro on the nail, Direct Sun
This was from their Casual Elegance collection that was released in April this year and was limited edition. I really hate to post something that is hard to find, but this turned out to be a lovely shade. I'm sure with a bit of searching you could find this for sale or swap.

I know I mentioned this is a nice transition color. Do you wear colors that are seasonal or do you go with whatever you are feeling? Let us know in a comment!

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