Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LynB Designs - Am I Ginger?

Let's have a moment of pure honesty reader. When I saw this polish I needed it not for the color, but for the name. Frankly the color scared me. Which is why I have waited this long to put it on my fingers. Am I glad I did! This is such a great shade for Fall. And it's a holo. So glad I finally put it on!

Here are a couple of bottle shots, just for fun. These were taken outside and it was cloudy at the time so the holo-y goodness isn't showing here.

Am I Ginger is an orangish-red jelly with linear holographic tendencies. The jelly makes this polish all squishy and great and the holo, well I think you know how I feel about holos. 

For those of you not familiar with the reference, the name is taken from the Doctor's desire to be ginger. Still hasn't happened. Poor Doctor. I feel your pain. I love red hair too.

Got it here
I can't help myself when it comes to Doctor Who references. I'm addicted. Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, more on this ginger polish. Geronimo!

The following photos show 3 thin coats (though I think 2 would probably suffice) topped with Above the Curve's 5-free Quick Dry Topcoat. The sun peeked out from the clouds just long enough to catch the holo!


Want Am I Ginger for your own? Check out LynBDesigns store on etsy.

So what do you think? Perfect for fall, right? (Not that I would limit my use to only fall with this stunner!) Do you own any colors that you are afraid to try on? Have you ever been wary of a certain shade but once you tried it you were in love? 
Let us know in the comments! 

*Disclaimer: All polishes in the post were purchased by me. Links are provided for your convenience (not affiliate).


  1. I own this. Why haven't I used it yet?

    1. I don't know, but you definitely need to!! :)

  2. I love orange polish and I love The Doctor and his Ginger obsession, he's so funny!