Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm wearing a holo? This is Surreal...

But, really it is....

This is a Sephora (Formula X) oldie and the name is Surreal.  :)  This was a polish I happened on last year at Big Lots for $2.99.  It simply looked like a light aqua chrome in the bottle. No trace of holo.  Then I tried it, and bam!

sephora surreal

This was my first official holo, and I had no idea I even had it in my possession. This formula is superb, it didn't really show brushstrokes for being a chrome in shade and indoor light.  In the sun it's a lovely aqua holo.  This was 2 very easy coats, no top coat, and very fast dry time.

I know you can still find this on eBay and other places online, but I believe Sephora discontinued this line of 'hologram chromes.'  It's not super unique but it's very pretty with both properties playing off of each other.
Below is a photo in the shade and one more in the sun, so you can see the difference!

aqua holo polish

aqua chrome polish
It goes to show the surprises you probably already have in your go through some untried polishes! :)

~ Hayley ~


  1. Gorgeous color! I love holos!

  2. Thank you so much! This one quickly grew on me!

  3. I remember when I picked my bottle up at Ross - I remember thinking it was a chrome polish until I saw it in the sun and then my mouth kinda dropped open. LOL!

    1. Haha yes, that exactly my reaction!! No indication in the bottle!

  4. I love when something that looks pretty but just alright in the bottle turns into holy guacamole awesome on the nail! :)

    1. Yes!! I mean it's not brightest holo, it's subtle. But there was no sign of it at all in the store! So it was holy guacomole indeed!