Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jesslacquer Fairy Dust - Oh My Flakie Goodness!

 *Provided for review*
Happy Saturday!  I am so honored and excited to share a polish from new indie on the scene, Jesslacquer.  Jess is releasing her new fall polish collection, OMFG - Oh My Flakie Goodness! and it looks to be a stunner based on the polish I'm wearing now.  She had a contest on social media to help names the shades, and I am so flattered that she picked one my names! 
As a thank you to those whose names were selected, she sent us one of the new polishes! And because she's already a sweetheart, she sent one more so I could post my reviews and (little did I know at the time) swatches that you will drool over because of how amazing this collection is!  Thanks so much, Jess!

So, first the package came and the bottles were wrapped so adorably that I had to share with you! Talk about immediately getting me excited...shiny magenta wrapping will do it every time! :)

Then I unwrapped one, and woah......

jess lacquer
Then I put is on, and squee!!

jesslacquer omfg

oh my flakie goodness
Fairy Dust is the name of this polish, and I am smitten with it!  This was 3 easy coats, and a topcoat. The first coat was sheer, so you could easily layer it over something.  But 2-3 coats will definitely make Fairy Dust opaque and each coat adds more magic! I have such a weakness for grey polishes.

Fairy Dust is described as "a light grey with holographic glitter, pink/purple/gold multichrome flakies, and teal/green multichrome flakies."  But I think my "OMFG!!" was just as accurate.  I mean, this macro:

jesslacquer fairy dust

I've included a picture she posted that shows all 7 shades in the Oh My Flakie Goodness collection available as of tonight on her Etsy shop. The full collection has crellies, jellies, toppers - something for everyone!  This is her second collection to date, and I am definitely excited to see what's next for Jesslacquer.   You can also keep up with Jesslacquer on her Instagram
Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you picked up any from the OMFG collection!  I have another to show you soon, so until then...


~ Hayley ~


  1. WHOA! This is so unique and pretty!

  2. Replies
    1. I was pretty impressed! It's a good first multichrome flakie to have in my collection!

  3. buahahaha, I love the REAL name of this collection, naturally I was thinking the usual, dirty version =)) Love this glitter!!!

    1. :) :) I know what you mean....but I get it! I love these flakies!