Thursday, October 29, 2015

Simple Halloween NOTD: OPI It's a Piazza Cake

I really tried, you guys!  I tried to do an adorable placement glitter spider mani, I saw here on Instagram.  "I can totally do glitter placement," she says.  "I finally have a use for bar glitter and it will be adorable," she says.  
Um no, it won't.  Your spiders will turn into circles with hair, and you'll have bar glitter everywhere but on your nails.  Sigh....
I will keep trying, because in theory it can't be that difficult, right? Practice makes perfect...or at least acceptable!  I'll meet you back here next year!

In the meantime, I decided to use the only polish I picked up from the OPI Venice collection, It's a Piazza Cake.  I am not the biggest fan of orange, but this burnt orange color just spoke to me.  I love it and I'm still wearing it! It's very subdued and flattering with the brown undertone it has.

Shown is 2 perfect, creamy coats of It's a Piazza Cake that dried quickly but I added topcoat for extra shine.  I also really wanted to try the gold leaf topper from NYC I picked up at Target, Top of the Gold.  The flakies seemed a bit more 'gold' and vibrant than some of my other flakie topcoats.  This was just 1 coat and it's really lovely, especially for under $2.00!!

Both polishes are still available and will be easy to find.  I'd love to know what's on your nails this Halloween!  Let me know and link your Instagram posts for me to see!  
Happy Halloween! :)

~ Hayley ~

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