Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring has Sprung!

If you live in the desert southwest like me, than Spring sprung awhile ago!  I'm embracing it, so this is a bright and fun take on the speckle manicures so popular at Easter and Spring time.   These are two polishes that you may have something very similar lying around. In fact, this look was inspired by a fellow Instagrammer, Grapefizznails, because I adored the color combination she chose and knew I had something that could replicate it!

I used a (now retired) bottle of Sally Hansen Triple Shine polish in Water Lily.  This was my first time using that line by Sally Hansen, and the formula on this was impeccable. I used two coats of Water Lily.  The 'speckle' topper is actually 18k gold flake polish from Sephora (the old round bottles).
Yep! I brought back the gold flakes and I will be using them more!

I would love to know if you think this is a hit or miss look.  Let me know and I hope Spring has finally arrived wherever you are!  Till next time...

~ Hayley ~


  1. Sally Hansen makes some pretty darn good polishes. People always look at me weird when I say they're one of my favorite mainstream brands, but it's true!!

    1. It's true! I noticed your post had a Triple Shine in it too! :)

  2. Beautiful look, and I love Sally Hansen!

  3. Love the pink and gold color combo! This is a super cute mani!