Friday, September 23, 2016

Fall Fun Series and Color Club

*nothing to disclose*

Hello! I am combining 2 topics into this post to catch up on the Fall Fun Series.  

The first was a fall music highlight. I wanted to highlight a fall polish that went along with the music theme. I chose Color Club We'll Never Be Royals from last year's Oil Slick collection.

This was an untried for me and I LOVE it! It's a multi chrome, so no surprise...but the formula was a winner too! I love the shift between magenta, royal purple, and brick red.
This is 2 coats, no streaks and well......

I have been loving that Mumford and Sons folk-type music. These songs feel pretty fall-like to me! I want to be on a walking through fallen leaves or snuggled up with a latte (oh that's always!). On repeat this week has been:
Mumford and Sons - Wilder Mind album 
Gregory Alan Isakov - Virginia May 
Head and the Heart - Lost in My Mind
Kings of Leon - Waste a Moment


- I gave my BBW Leaves candle a go this week. Great throw and not headache inducing. :) Yay!
- I still cannot stop melting my Everyday Luxe Azure Sands leftover wax - I never showed it so this is what it looks like.  I'm going to be seriously sad when it's gone!

- I also tried Phury from Ten Digit Creations. Great scent! Comparable to the scent when you walk into an A&F store. Has a medium throw.  I'm impressed with my first indie wax.

The second post was a fall craft. I have had zero time to be crafty other than this blog, so sadly I had no craft of my own. But my friend Amanda at Thrifty Polished crocheted these adorable pumpkin coffee cup cozies and sent us each one! I was SO excited when I opened my package and saw this since my love for coffee and pumpkin spice knows no bounds.

Her post is linked if you want the tutorial on how to make your own!  Amanda, will you please move to AZ so you can teach me to crochet, we can be BFFs, drink coffee and paint our nails?  :)

Phew! So, that's what I have been up to this week! I purchased the entire Color Club Oil Slick collection when I got We'll Never Be Royals, so now I'm off to try the rest of the shades. Hope you have a great 'officially fall' weekend!

~ Hayley ~


  1. Ooh, that's a great polish! I have quite a few multi-chromes with that purple/blue/turquoise/green shift to them, so I don't *really* need any more, but this Color Club guy might wind up on my list! Looks super on you, too - those kind of polishes are so much fun.

  2. Such a gorgeous polish! I love snuggling with a good candle too x

  3. That CC polish looks so good on you! I might need to pick it up. I love the Leaves candle too. Glad to see you're putting the cozie to good use; I would totally oblige by moving but I don't think I could stand the AZ heat. You should move to CA instead. :)

  4. Way to post-combine! Your mention of Mumford&Sons made me laugh, because I considered including them in my music highlight,but I kept thinking of my husband's description of their music:"Listening to Mumford is like being on a depressing hayride" LOl, I defended them, of course!
    Coolfall polish and love the name!

  5. Gorgeous color!!! And wonderful melts and I agree, Amanda rocks. I am trying to save my drinks for some cooler weather though. It was 97 here today and that is just not gonna fly.

  6. That colour shade looks so stunning on you!

  7. Beautiful swatches and the polish is stunning x