Hayley's Wishlist

Always changing...and I am open to swaps!

Alchemy Lacquer - Aurum
Alchemy Lacquer - Cuprum
Alchemy Lacquer - Sea Holly

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer - Wash Away What's Past

Color Club - East Austin

Deborah Lippmann - Mermaid's Dream

Different Dimension - Halley's Comet
Different Dimension - Light Year
Different Dimension - Speed of Light

Dreamland Lacquer (Smitten) - Ice Pop Paradise

Ever After - 2 Peace in a Pod

Frenzy - want to try!

ILNP - Masquerade
ILNP - Rolling Hills

KBShimmer - Bahama Drama
KBShimmer - Prints Charming

Native War Paints - All I Need is a Little of Your Time
Native War Paints - Jessica

Pahlish - Sorrows Eye
Pahlish - Washing the Lions
Pahlish - (test batch) Divine

Polished For Days - Positive Vibes collection (want to try!)

Sinful Colors - Lagon (intl.)
Sinful Colors - Seaweed
Sinful Colors - Verbena

Urban Outfitters - Seadust

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