Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Fling Challenge Day 1: Indie Skittle

This first day has made me realize that skittles are hard, but I *think* I was able to pull off an ok set of *kinda* matching colors. Since this is a Spring themed challenge I went with pastels. My husband was laughing at me as I pulled all my indies out and made a little lineup on the living room floor (as we watched some Doctor Who which has lately been my other obsession). Then I proceeded to eliminate the colors that weren't pastels. This is what I came up with:
On my thumb (which I realize you can't see very well) is365 Days of Color Crush on You (Valentine's Mystery Bag exclusive), then we have Eggcentric Bunny on my pointer, Nomad on my middle, Frolicking on my ring and Rainbow Honey Be Mine as underwear for 365 Days of Color Jellybean There Done That. I have more 365 Days of Color in my collection than any other indie and ironically, most of those are Springy shades!

No tulips were harmed during these photos  
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  1. These look great! Love the colors!

  2. I love this one too!! really bright and happy colours!

  3. Really gorgeous spring colours... Lovely combination.

  4. Jackie, I am adoring the ice cream feel of this skittle! What a nice collection of 365s... could we get some bottle shots? :)